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The law is ever evolving and keeps changing shape over a period of time.  Change is brought about by new legislation and or amendments coming into effect, or by our courts interpreting and applying legislation and or common law etc.  

An attorney should be up to date with new legislation and or amendments, court decisions etc, however, due to the rate of change it is impossible for any attorney to study and to be fully up to date with all new developments on all fronts at any given time.  As such attorneys find it easier to focus their respective practices on certain areas of law and highly specialized firms and or attorneys become more and more attractive and common.  Be that as it may colleagues will agree that in order to be a well rounded attorney one has to try to be as fully informed as possible of new developments in law. 

The current page of this website will be dedicated to recent developments in certain areas of law which the proprietor finds interesting, might be informative and create value to visitors of this page.

Van Dyk Attorneys welcome any contributions by colleagues in any form of any recent developments in the law.  Should colleagues wish to publish their contributions on this page they are welcome to send their contributions to the proprietor.

The contributions contained on this page or any links thereto do not necessarily express the views of the proprietor.  In this regard visitors to this website and in particular this page are referred to the Disclaimer Notice of this Website.


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