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Fees & Disbursements

Do not make the mistake by getting carried away to save on legal costs to such an extent that you are not properly represented during the course of your legal matter.  In many instances this may be the cause of irreparable damage costing you even more in an attempt to save your matter! 

Any legal matter is usually emotionally and financially draining.  The emotional cost and investment in your attorney is exactly the reason why you should employ an attorney with the necessary skills to ensure the best possible outcome!

Be advised that we do charge fees in general on an hourly rate which is on a higher scale than the prescribed court tariffs.  We also hold the client liable for any disbursements made on their behalf as agreed.  Further that you are not forced or persuaded in any way to agree to our fee arrangement and that you may approach any other attorney which may charge fees on a lower scale or on the prescribed court tariffs.

The first consultation amounts to R1,200.00, during which consultation we take instructions from you regarding your particular matter, give you initial advice and discuss your options available to you under the circumstances.  Depending on your further instructions we will negotiate a fee agreement with you and also advise you on the estimated costs to finalize the matter.