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Van Dyk Attorneys is a relatively young energetic firm situated in Kempton Park. 

We are able to provide you with sound advice on a wide spectrum of legal issues on your journey through life.  

We have extensive experience in various legal areas such as contracts, civil litigation, evictions, commercial law, criminal law, debt collection, insolvencies, sequestrations, rehabilitations, wills & trusts, divorces, maintenance, domestic violence, antenuptial contracts and other family law related issues.  These are just some of the areas we practice in.   

However, we have a particular interest in solving issues regarding divorces, maintenance, domestic violence, and family law.  In this regard we offer the following services, including, but not limited to:-

  • Divorces
  • Parental Care and Parental responsibilities and rights
  • Contact & Visitation to Children
  • Adoption of Children
  • Maintenance/Child Support
  • Domestic Violence Applications
  • Co-Habitation of Partners
  • Civil Union and Domestic Partnerships
  • Antenuptial Contracts

 For more information please visit our page listed above under the heading of - Services (Legal Areas). 

We endeavor to keep our clients informed in all respects regarding the particular advice and or service requested, the estimated duration to completion, and most importantly the legal costs involved.  We pride ourselves in understanding their business goals, aligning ourselves with it in order to be proactive in furnishing relevant ideas, information on best practice and thought leadership to give the competitive edge our clients need to succeed! 

We welcome any queries regarding any legal question you need resolved.